Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Blog Post? Check.

Sweats on? Check. I am unable to focus on homework when I am wearing jeans in the comfort of my own house. You will rarely see me in jeans while I am at home, there's no need to wear them. No one is gonna see me, so I might as well dress as comfy as I want to. Who cares if I look like crap? On go the sweatpants and sweatshirt.

Coffee in the mug with black polka dots on it? Check. It always takes me forever to write something, and I like to have coffee to keep me awake in case I end up working late into the night. I drink regular coffee with some skim milk. It's bitter, and not my favorite, but I figure it's better than loading it with pounds of half and half all the time. Drinking coffee at night may not be the healthiest choice. But...oh well.

Phone on silent? Check. I already get distracted very easily; I hate this about myself. Almost every night I get mad at myself for not using my time wisely. I could gain many more hours of sleep if I were able to focus. It's a bad habit. There are just way too many distractions, and I'm unable to tune them out. I really need to learn how to get over this and get more sleep.

Heated blanket? Check. I get cold very easily, and I like to feel cozy when I'm writing. I don't have a preferred spot to write, just as long as it is not at a desk. I will do my homework anywhere except at a desk or table.  Frequently, you can find me in my bed typing away on the keyboard of the laptop. If I'm cold, my fingers are cold, and then I won't want to type because I will be looking for something to warm my hands.

Relaxing music on softly in the background? Check. This might be one of the habits that leads me to get distracted easily, it's hard not to sing along. But I just don't like sitting in complete silence. It's eerie. So usually I will be listening to my  "de-stress me" playlist, or whatever other song I am obsessed with at the moment. These things aren't necessities, and they may not even be benefitting me, but they make me feel more comfortable and relaxed.


  1. I do the same thing! sweats, and phone on silent! makes doing homework in general so much more easy!

  2. I can't even have my phone on silent. It has to be on "phone calls only" which makes the red light stop blinking when I have a new message.