Saturday, January 14, 2012

Boys decoded? Not really.

My BLA book this term was The Male Brain by Louann Brizendine.

I can believe everything that is said in this book because the author, Brizendine, is a psychiatrist and also a Harvard graduate. She also backs up all of her claims with solid hard facts and personal examples.

I'm going to be completely honest...It's not my favorite book ever. The reason I did not enjoy it is because I feel like she makes her argument seem really redundant. My group discussed the exact same things over and over each week; there wasn't anything new that ever showed up.

For example: 
Did the anecdotes she included contribute to her overall argument and how? Yes. They made it easier for the audience to relate to certain situations. 
Do you think that her scientific evidence contributes to her overall argument? Yes. It gives solid evidence to explain why boys do what they do. 
Etc etc etc.

The main argument of the book is that boys are far more complicated than they seem. They aren't always thinking about sex and they do have emotions. Males have to deal with a lot and go through different phases, just like girls.

 Brizendine tries to refute this stereotype:

This book can be for both males and females. It gives males a chance to understand why they act the way they do, and it explains to females why boys do the things that we don't understand. I've seen girls, myself included, analyze for hours one thing that a boy says or does. Girls, don't deny this. You know you do it. (Maybe reading The Female Brain can help me figure out why we do this). It's quite frustrating. Anyway, The Male Brain is supposed to be a book that's the best of both worlds. 

But I still don't understand boys. 

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