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Process Analysis

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The specific human rights topic that I chose to work with is the issue of child trafficking. Of course, human trafficking in general is a very troublesome topic, but I needed to narrow my focus. Most times when we think of things such as prostitution or rape (the sex trade), we think of teens or adults. We don’t usually connect children with the human trafficking world. My claim is that children should not be sold; they are priceless. They are human beings that deserve to be treated with respect. Children should not have to live this type of life; they are innocent and it is wrong to take advantage of them like this. The tone throughout my video is, without a doubt, somber. The biggest rhetorical device that I use is pathos; I pluck at the heart strings of the audience to get them to feel pain for these kids, and to get them to realize how precious children are in general. The audience that I am aiming towards is anyone who likes kids or has kids. Because this video is about children, if the audience has some type of relationship with a child, they are more likely to feel affected. But really, anyone who has a heart and soul should feel bad for these kids.

I chose the original animoto template just because I wanted my pictures to stand out, and I didn't want the background distracting the audience. It's black, it's subtle, and it does the job.

Climactic order was something that I really thought about when making this video. I wanted to have my video be easy to follow along, but still end with a bang. My video is kind of like a story. I show the process of child trafficking, from selling the child, all the way to the final results. After that, I switch gears to get ready for a powerful ending. I show a receipt for one child, and then use other pictures to show that buying a child is wrong, for they are priceless. I used this technique because I wanted the audience to fully understand what these children have to go through. 

I start out with a picture of children standing in a window display at a mall or store. The children are standing in a row, with SALE signs all around them. There are children of all different ethnicities to show that this happens all around the world.This picture is also in color to better show the details. The SALE signs are big and red, and the children are dressed in gloomy colored clothing.The expressions on their faces are forlorn and vacant. They look as if they have accepted the fact that their lives will forever be like this, and it pains the audience. Furthermore, they are dressed in dirty clothes, and look like they haven't showered in a while. They are probably portrayed like this to show that the conditions that these kids live in are not ideal. This, like most of my other pictures, is meant to strike emotion. It most certainly shows the fact that these children are being stripped of their worth; They are being treated like they are just an item, but they aren't. Putting them in this window display is subjecting them to humiliation, and takes away the little sense of pride that they had. This also relates back to my claim, that children are priceless, by implying that children can be bought. 

I then move on to a mugshot of a gross, unhygienic man, holding a sign that says “I paid to have sex with a 14 year old child.” First reaction: Disgusting. Absolutely, positively disgusting. His unkempt facial hair and flabby skin add to the repulsiveness. This, just like the first slide, evokes an emotional response. The audience will feel disturbed. The fact that children have to sleep with men like this is enough to make your stomach churn. It's kind of a stereotype to say that all the men who are in this business look like this, but I still think it gets a message across.  

Next, I have a photo of two big hands counting money, while a girl watches him in the background. The girl looks hopeless and sad, and it is assumed that she is one of the girls involved in the child trafficking world. The hands could be either the pimps, or the john/rapist’s. Either way, it isn’t pleasant, and the audience will feel sad for the girl. She does not deserve to be treated this way. No child does. The photo is also in black and white, which makes it more somber, and will further establish a feeling of dread in the audience. 

The next 10 photos are examples of what a child with this life has to deal with. I take a before and after approach. I found pictures of kids who are affected by this, like little boys and girls being pursued by creepy men, and then I found pictures of children who look just like those who are being trafficked. I tried to find children of all different races to show that this doesn't just happen in one place, but it happens everywhere. Except it ended up being mostly asian kids and white kids because those were the most powerful pictures I could find. I put them in a before and after pattern to show that these kids, who look so innocent and carefree, are shamelessly being used by creeps to earn money. They are just kids, and should not have to go through this kind of abuse and torture. These are the pictures that will probably evoke the biggest emotional response from the audience. There are pictures of little girls sitting in bed with gross men, a boy being undressed by a creepy man, a girl who is standing with her bra next to her on the ground. The pictures are very disturbing, but they all send the same message: THIS IS GROSS AND WRONG. Why do children get put through this? It isn't right. They shouldn't be stripped of their dignity, put up for sale, and purchased by these perverts just for the pervert's own pleasure. It's disgusting. 

I then use repetition, and show a picture of the children in the window display again. I do this intentionally to reinforce the notion that these kids do not want to be here. They do not want to be put on “sale”, but they have no choice. They aren’t strong enough to fight back, so they can’t do anything about it. I use this specifically to tie back to my claim. Since my claim is that children are priceless, and cannot be sold, this, once again, gets the audience to think about children being bought and traded for sex. 

After this, I put in a slide of a receipt of a 10-year-old child that was $14.00. This makes a really big impact because it is almost blatantly stating that children can be treated like an item.  It puts an image in the mind of the audience of buying a child at a supermarket or mall. This relates back to my picture of the children in a window display case, but it takes it one more step further. It gets the audience to think. It’s saying that children are almost worthless, they have no soul and do not need to be treated with respect. Fourteen dollars for a child? That's ridiculous. With this picture, I’m hoping to evoke emotions of disbelief and horror within the audience. I want them to realize that just because children are little and may not be able to stand up for themselves as easily as adults, doesn't mean that they can be subjected to this kind of disrespect and torture.

I then use a transition slide, and put up a big red "X" to let the audience know that this situation is wrong. It's a horrific violation of human rights, and is in no way acceptable. 
My last slide is a black and white picture of a little girl holding a sign in front of her face that says "Priceless." I end with this to leave a lasting impression in the audience's mind that children are precious, and no amount of money is worth putting them through the process of child trafficking. I had to change it to black and white, because it makes it stand out more, just because this is such a sad topic. 

The music that I chose for my video is the song "Beautiful Slaves" by Take No Glory. I found this song on Youtube, and it was specifically written because the girl in this band felt so bad for the children affected by child trafficking. The melody is somber, and the words fit well with my pictures and even help to make my pictures even more heart wrenching. There is a piano being used, and it is playing the harmony to the song. It's heavy and melancholy. There is also a guitar. It is also playing the harmony to this song. There are other instruments as well, but I really cannot identify them.The lyrics, although extremely sad, very vividly and perfectly portrays the fact that these kids are hopeless and do not want to be here, but they have no choice. They will also probably be scarred for the rest of their lives because of these horrendous experiences. I don't think that any other song could better emulate what I want to get across. Here are some of the lyrics:

i don’t know where i am

they’ve taken all that i had

smuggled in for a lucrative trade

beaten, bartered

broken in, until i obey

i used to be childlike

innocent and safe

now i’m someone else's treasure

a strangers pleasure

smothered in shame

succumbed with drugs

but I’m not numb

all I feel is pain

is this all a dream

will i ever be the same?

The lyrics get across that these children have gone through so much pain, and nothing can heal the wounds already made. No child should have to go through this.

Beautiful Slaves by Take No Glory


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