Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Summer Playlist

Whether I am picking out my clothes, cruising down the highway, or putting on my makeup, I will always be listening to music. It's a habit. Unless I'm doing homework that I really need to concentrate on or something else that requires complete focus, I will most likely be dancing and singing to some of my favorite songs. Boy, choir is really missing out by not having me in it. Just kidding, of course.

1. Ships in the Night---Mat Kearney
2. Angel With a Shotgun---The Cab
3. Pictures of you---The Last Goodnight
4. Heaven--O.A.R.
5. Closer to Love---Mat Kearney
6. When I Look Into Your Eyes---Shane Harper
7. Back to Back---The Ready Set
8. Sweet Serendipity---Lee Dewyze
9. Let Her Go---Passenger
10. Kiss Me Slowly---Parachute
11. The Wrong Direction---Passenger

If you have some time, you should check some of these out! Maybe it's not your typical music genre, but these past few weeks I've really been enjoying myself listening to these.

Here, just for fun. At least listen to this one:

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