Saturday, November 12, 2011

Privacy Please?

x² pg 126

Internet. The World Wide Web. Is it really safe? 

Don't get me wrong, I use the internet almost daily. It's a very useful tool. I can't imagine life without it. But while there are many benefits to using computers, are the uses spiraling out of control? Where do we draw the line? 

The things they listed in this little box on the bottom left of page 126 are all worrisome. I feel like if someone really wanted to know stuff about me, they could find it on Facebook. Even though I have set my privacy settings to "Friends Only" it still may not be perfectly safe. I just saw a documentary about Facebook, and they were talking about how apparently Facebook can give out your information; you allow them to when you check the little accept terms box. To me, that's kind of scary. I feel like I should delete my Facebook now...I don't know if that's going to happen though. We'll see. 

Am I being paranoid? I don't think so. I feel like this whole technology controversy may be a legitimate concern. How do you know that your credit card information won't be stolen after you buy those cute shoes online? None of your information is truly safe. Somebody could hack into one of your accounts. 

Also some other things to address. Pornography. Slander. Vilification. What? I don't even know what to say. Just...Why? These are absolutely disgusting. Whoever bothers to use the internet for these reasons is a pig. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. Period. 

Besides some of these security concerns, there are some other issues to think about. Is the daily newspaper going to fade away and die? When it comes time for us to be parents, are our kids going to be saying things like "Ohmygosh, you guys actually wrote stuff down, and read things on paper? WEIRD!" Let's not let the world come to this. First off, everyone would have horrible vision from staring at the computer all day long. Secondly, the newspaper has been with us for hundreds and hundreds of years. Letting it vanish would be devastating to history. Even though we would be killing trees, I feel that it would still be a good idea to print newspapers daily. I would much rather read a newspaper than look at an article online. Reading too much online makes my eyeballs hurt. 

Furthermore, people would start to lose communication skills. We can already see that happening in society. More and more people are relying on texting, facebook, and email, instead of face to face confrontation. If people stay isolated at home, instead of going out to interract, then what is the world going to come to? A planet of introverts? (Logical fallacy. But still, you should see my point.)

Bottom line: Although the internet is a very useful tool, the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages. 

This has absolutely nothing to do with my post, but I love this song! I've been listening to it on repeat while writing this post. So just thought I'd share. Props to Shelby for sharing this song with me :)

Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer

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