Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Is All That?

My room is semi organized. Most things have a place. But...
There are a couple of little bins that just contain the most random stuff. They are the designated random stuff holders. Whenever I find something that I don't want or just don't know where to put it, then I put it in there. Today, I opened one up and poured the contents onto the ground.

What is all that?
  1. See all those colorful glittery things on the ground? Those are little origami stars. My grandma taught me how to make them when I was in China the summer after fourth grade. I got really sick there and was in the hospital for 21 days. She told me that if I filled up an entire jar with those little stars I would be able to get out of there. So I folded and folded. In China, they don't let parents stay with you when you are in the hospital because they are afraid of germs. Plus, I was in the wing that held the patients with lung problems and they didn't want the air getting contaminated or something. So I was usually left alone. Except my mom was able to trick the nurses and tell them I couldn't understand Chinese that well so she would need to come visit everyday for an hour and make sure everything was okay. (Even though I actually can speak and understand Chinese fairly well.)  I still make those little stars whenever I get bored. 
  2. Coconut Lime Verbana Lotion. Ew. I like coconut. I like lime. But when you mix them together into a little tube of slimy lotion, it smells like...just...grossness. I do not like that smell at all. I'm pretty sure I got that lotion as part of a gift from one of my friends for my 14th birthday. I remember that birthday party. I had all my friends come over to my house for a slumber party. That was in eighth grade. Man, middle school. Okay, I don't think the friend who gave this to me reads my blog, so they won't know that I didn't ever use the lotion and that I stuffed it into a bin filled with random crap. 
  3. Oh hey, there's that cord! That's the cord to our portable DVD player. My mom has been looking for it forever. Whenever we have to go somewhere like a synchro meet or family friends house, my mom likes to bring the portable DVD player so that my five year old sister can stay entertained. Dora can keep her entertained for quite a long time. She is cute at first, but if she doesn't have something to keep her entertained she can start to become quite annoying. Ever since the cord has gone missing, there's been a lot of running around at synchro meets. Don't worry, we usually don't let her watch TV at home. Usually. 
  4. My old cell phone. I dropped that phone in the toilet last year. But I managed to save it and get it to work again. I wiped it with hand sanitizing wipes at least ten times. Unfortunately, it died every two weeks. I swear I had magical rice. Every time it died, I would stick it in a bag of rice. After a few days, it would miraculously turn on again. There's no scientific or technological evidence to support why this worked, but it did, so whatever. I still love that phone. 
  5. Let's measure our oxygen levels! Seriously. I actually do that. But I don't put my oximeter in the case so now it's in that cylindrical box. There's not much to say about this...I don't feel like explaining why I need an oximeter. It's a really long story. I just have some lung problems. But it's fine! I'm fine!
  6. Study those Latin roots! I found a stack of notecards from honors comm last year. I'm obsessed with notecards. I make them for everything. Honors comm last year was interesting... To be honest, I always did my math homework in that class. Yay for 4x. 

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